Your child could be reading their first storybook in just 10 weeks

Our stats show that most children aged 4+ who use PocketPhonics Stories for 15 minutes per day, read their first storybook within just 10 weeks. This award-winning app teaches phonics and handwriting whilst guiding children through the literacy journey.
Best EdApp 2015 with iPad

How children can use the app


Letter writing and word games teach children how to blend letter sounds to make words.


Stories specifically created for the child’s level, include the ability to hear letter sounds in a word.


Pop-up pictures to understand each word. The child takes quizzes to check what words they can read.


Best EdApp 2015

Rated A+ by Balefire Labs: Out of the 5,000 education apps they’ve reviewed, PocketPhonics Stories is one of only nine apps they rate A+. They literally rate it in the top nine of the best educational apps you can buy.

Balefire Labs reviews apps by seeing if apps teach the way the best teachers do.

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Amazing features for teachers and parents

Progress tracking

Progress tracking

Teachers can monitor progress online and receive a weekly report on their pupils’ progress by email.



Certificates are emailed to teachers and parents when children reach milestones in their learning.

Writing styles

Writing styles

The widest choice of handwriting styles – ten pre-cursive and ten cursive styles available.

Marker pen

“As an elementary school teacher that has been teaching reading for 10+ years, I’d say this program offers enough various exercises and approaches for a child to become a skilled reader. I do believe that if a grade level child worked 15 minutes a day on this app, they’d be able to develop the proper skills to begin reading with fluency.”Academics Choice logo

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Making phonics teaching easier for teachers

No need to worry if iPads are being shared in classrooms or at home. A child can pick up any iPad, sign in and then continue from where they left off.

Free iconTry the app before you buy it. Free trials for all schools.

Curriculum iconAligns with the UK’s national curriculum and USA’s core curriculum.

Assign iconAssign any iPad to any child to continue from their previous lesson.

Analyse iconAnalyse the time spent and progress made by each child.

Guide iconFREE guide to getting the most out of our apps for schools.

Data iconData set-up and bulk upload of classes. Import and export data to your systems.


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“The systematic and sequential approach to teaching reading is wonderful! This app covers so many of the best approaches to teaching reading AND my students enjoy it! I love hearing my students say: 1).I only need three more stars to finish the level! 2) CanI do PocketPhonics, please? 3) Yes, I finished another level! They love receiving their certificates. Also, they are making excellent progress in literacy!!!”

3,000 schools can’t be wrong

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