A step-by-step reading programme for 4‑7 year olds

PocketPhonics Stories is our new iPad app that does everything that PocketPhonics does, but better, plus it includes 43 storybooks suitable for early readers.
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“PocketPhonics Stories, from Apps in my Pocket, Ltd., is one of the strongest instructional apps we’ve reviewed in a very long time.”

Balefire Labs. April, 2015.

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Children learn to read faster with PocketPhonics Stories, here is how the app supports their learning …

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Letter writing and word games

Children learn how to write each letter correctly and hear each letter sound, as well as  blending them into decodable words, through letter writing and word games. The app is suitable for all children for all children between 4 and 7, including dyslexic readers.

How it works…

Phonics screen on iPad

Letter sounds are split into groups to make the learning process more managable for the child.

Letter writing screen on iPad

The letter writing game allows the child to practice writing each letter, an arrow guides them with their writing direction.

Words screen on iPad

Once the child has practiced writing letters in the group, they can start to learn letter sounds and build words with the word game.

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PocketPhonics Stories contains 43 books, specifically created for the child’s level. Stories include the ability to hear letter sounds in a word, and pop-up pictures to understand each word. The child then takes quizzes to check what words they can read.

How the storybooks works …

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Each letter sound group has books specially tailored for that reading level. So a child will be challenged, but never out of their depth.

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A speech button will read the page to the child if they need to. Difficult words in the stories are shown in red, until the child learns them.

Reading word help

If a child can’t read a word, they tap it to open a pop-up showing the word’s letter sounds. Tap again, the word is spoken and a picture shown illustrating its meaning.

Storybook page on iPad screen

Words whose letters don’t make their normal sounds are gradually introduced in the books (e.g. ‘the’). Again, if a child can’t read the word, they tap it.

Word quiz on iPad screen

At the end of a book, the child takes a quiz that checks they can read all the new words in the book. Once all the words are guessed correctly, 3 stars are awarded for a book.

Storybook bookshelves

When all books at this level have 3 stars, and the child has read all the words correctly in the quizzes, they can move on to the next letter sound group.

Player progress and certificate

Track child’s progress online

You can track kids’ progress online via our website, and see it in the weekly emailed reports. You will also get certificates when a child has successfully read a book.

A child can start reading a book on an iPad at school and when they get home, carry on reading the story on their parents’ iPad (assuming they have the app and the school invited them to track their child’s progress at school).

How it works…

Sign up on website

Sign up via the appsinmypocket website, or in-app to track child’s progress and share between teachers, family and friends.

Player progress on website

Teachers/parents can receive an email each week, linking to a weekly report showing progress fortracked children.


Receive certificates at various stages of the child’s progress, rewarding their achievments and progress.

For further information on the app and progress tracking, please download one of our guides

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“This app, which aligns with Common Core and mimics how phonics and reading are taught in school, is an affordable and effective way for children to learn and practice basic phonics and early reading skills.”

Parents’ Choice Award Winner 2016

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